A bike! A bike! My kingdom for a bike

So the search continues.

In response to my post on wuxilife, someone suggested Decathlon. I happened to spot the shop yesterday as I was departing from Metro, but when I checked the prices online, I found it was better to have kept going. I checked the website online, but at £270 (that’s ¥2987)[1] for the sort of bike I might opt for, you can see why it was better for me to have kept going.

When I went to school after lunch to get the textbooks, I asked one of the students about bike shops in the city. He pointed me to 市体育中心 (City Stadium) where there were a couple of bike shops on the far side of the stadium from the gate; but their selection was limited again and didn’t include the sort of thing I was after.

Another response to my query online was Auchan, which I’ll try tomorrow. Linda’s also suggested 商业大厦, which is on 中山路.

As I was coming back from tea tonight, I suddenly realised that I have owned an Emmelle before. Not the one I had in Chengdu, but one or more in Cambridge. I think that it was an Emmelle whose frame broke on me one day and I was forced to ride a tank of a bike for several weeks before the frame of my original bike was replaced. I should’ve bought a new bike and have been done with it, but the eventual switch from the temporary bike to the replacement was amazing because of the difference in weight.

Meanwhile, I got BSDed again this evening. This time I was able to identify the problem because I’d told the laptop not to reboot automatically if this happened. The problem wasn’t with the graphics card or with the ethernet card, but with a sound card driver. I downloaded the latest driver the Acer website had and installed it. I’m hoping that that will’ve solved the problem. The sound coming from the speakers seems much better than it did before. The balance is better as well, which suggests that my hearing wasn’t at fault when I thought there was a bias to the right-hand speaker.

As I finish off this entry, I’m listening to Handel’s Recorder Sonata in E minor, Op. 1, No. 1b (HWV 379).

[23.12.13. I eventually ended up at the Giant bike shop where I bought a model called a Newing. I subsequently replaced that with a Hunter 3.0, which has an aluminium frame and more gears than I have brain cells. The one I have is red, but I’ve seen a crimson one. I want both. What’s a boy to do?]

[09.04.16. I’ve now replaced the Hunter 3.0 with an XCR 3700, although reluctantly. Yesterday, some cretinous peasant on an electric scooter rear-ended me when I was waiting for the light to turn green, which broke the mudguard, which turned out to be irreplaceable – as I’d expected. I knew the Hunter 3.0 was an old model, but it’s been a fairly sound piece of kit. I don’t, however, want to be trundling around on a bike that now looks so sadly shabby even though it works perfectly well otherwise.]


1. I see Sterling has strengthened against RMB with the exchange rate now being ¥11 to £1.

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