Where do people find them?

Bike shops in Wuxi.

My attempt to track down bike shops in Wuxi by searching via Baidu yielded very little. I managed to find shops for Merida (bikes for bicycle couriers and other wide boys) and Giant, but nothing else. I went back to the Giant bike shop on 人民西路 where they have one model that I might consider, yet it still has fat tyres. Not as fat as the tyres of a mountain bike, but fat enough and not what I want. It seems that Giant don’t make normal bikes, as I discovered when I went to the website. A search for something general such as 自行车专卖店 produced nothing useful.

When I was going to Ajisen last night, I saw a woman with a fairly new Emmelle bike (not the first I’ve seen since I got here), but searching for Emmelle yields nothing. Also, I’m not sure what the Chinese for Emmelle is, which meant that I had to search for the name in English.

However, I thought I’d go to Metro today, partly to see whether they have any bookcases like the one I already have and partly to see whether they have a more promising selection of bikes than, say, Carrefour did. I also have one other option, which is to post a question about bike shops on wuxilife.com. Sad to say, though, the word “bike” obviously generates images of electric bikes in the minds of foreigners. I might consider one the day I can’t out-accelerate one.

[23.08.14. The Giant bike service centre in Wuxi has now migrated to 东瑞路 (Dōng Ruì Lù), and is not far from the intersection with 西沪西路, although it can be easy to overshoot, and is on the wrong side of the road if you’re coming from town. There may be another Giant shop on 学前路 towards Nanchan, but it’s been awhile since I’ve been down that way.]


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