The end

The complete full stop.
This has been one of those weeks when on those occasions I’ve had leisure time, I’ve felt disinclined to do anything that might require my brain to make some effort, hence no updates for the past few days. Quite a lot of this week has been taken up by preparations for the final exams; in fact, more time than I was expecting.
I had my last actual class two days ago when most of Class 5 (my original half; Glen and I swapped back) did some work. Yesterday when I saw them formally for the very last time, I decided it was a good occasion for a media studies lesson. I was less impressed when Class 5 indicated that they didn’t want to see more of Arrested Development because, instead, they wanted to watch the end of Shrek II, another of that great collection of sequels that should never have been made.
And today was the final exam itself. I ended up watching over my half of Class 6. Like the exam at this time last year, the day was horribly humid. As I should’ve known, the usual idiots violated exam protocol, but they’ll probably get such bad marks that it’s not worth giving them zero. That would be an improvement. There was also the kid who rushed through the reading exam in about 25 minutes flat. This is an IELTS reading exam, which takes me, a native speaker, 40 minutes to complete and get 98% – 100%.
But that, I think, is a symptom of the deeply flawed education system which, unwittingly, encourages pupils to do absolutely as little as possible to an absolutely minimal standard. The clown in question thought he’d then be allowed to leave the room, but you don’t get to do that in an IELTS exam and I didn’t let him on this occasion.
So I’ll never see these smug, arrogant little bastards again, except in passing next week perhaps. Hopefully, I’ll never see them again.
Thus this week marks the end of seven years of working for the programme and the same thing year in, year out – obnoxious spoilt brats who lack the wit to appreciate the knowledge you’re trying to impart to them. The era comes to an end but it engendered no particular emotional response in me except that anxiety you feel when the end is nigh and you wish it’d arrive a little sooner. But things should be different next term because I’ll be teaching obnoxious little brats who are going abroad and who don’t have us as the extra class they don’t want.

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