It’s a different country down there

Vampires are out in the open with the invention of trueblood, which mean they no longer have to prey on humans for food. Sookie Stackhouse is a bisexual telepathic waitress working in a Southern diner. Bill Compton is the hunky, slightly dated vampire who comes to live in the town. Sam is Sookie’s hunky boss, and he can turn himself into a lovable dog. What’s a girl to do? Be shrill and huffy, that’s what, and make out with both of them. Meanwhile, her brother Jason, a screwed-up sex maniac and drug addict, finds himself suspected to be a serial killer until it’s revealed that the psycho is some minor character pretending to be cajun.
I’m not sure what the vampires are meant to represent. The gay com­mu­n­ity?
Coming from HBO, Trueblood is as adult content as you’d expect it to be. I’m not sure who the target audience is likely to be. Buffy-istas looking for their fix of vampire, but being well out of the original Buffy demographic? I didn’t find the series that appealing. It seemed to be a little clichéd – everyone’s a weirdo or a redneck with lots of secrets which they all know about; that sort of thing. Sookie was not an appealing character, being, as I said, shrill and huffy, and somewhat humourless. Probably the most fun character was the good Christian girl who Bill had to turn into a vampire and who came back as a ill-tempered, foul-mouthed Nosferatu.

Defiance is the story of the Bielski Brothers (sounds like a circus act) who hid out in the forests of Belorussia during World War II and gathered together a small community of Jewish refugees. They fought the Germans alongside Russian partisans with whom they had an uneasy alliance at best.
Not a bad film, but it dragged a bit and my attention wavered.

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