Nerd alert

Four sad specimens, who are living in perpetual adolescence, go on a road trip (cue a predictable trip to Las Vegas and encounters with prostitutes; gay biker bar [here are a bunch of dodgy hits for me]) to steal a copy of episode one of the Star Wars series from George Lucas’s ranch. It’s all fairly predictable stuff, not especially funny (apart from the Trekkie baiting), but doesn’t become grossly vulgar and no scene really outstays its welcome. How unexpected of such a film.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
This is one of the more interesting pirated films I’ve acquired in that it appears to be a late cut because the wires holding the actors are still visible and I kept wondering why the film would suddenly turn cartoony in short bursts until it got near the end and I realised that the CGI stuff hadn’t been finished off. For example, the cooling tower hadn’t been textured in several scenes.
I suppose I should say something about the film. It’s the prequel to the first X-Men film, telling the story of Logan and his brother (who’s even more lupine than Logan), and how Logan ended up with an adamantium skeleton, but lost his memory.
Like the Star Trek film yesterday, perhaps I just wasn’t in the mood for this. I needed something to watch and this happened to be it.

Fast & Furious.
The boys drive fat, low, petrol-guzzling cars to get the better of the evil Mexican illegal immigrant drug dealer and his chief henchman.
Again, I needed something to watch.
Vin Diesel is looking a little old for this sort of thing.

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