Star Trek

When Kirky met Spocky.
Kirk: Dude, I hate you.
Spock: Dude, I hate you, too. Logically. [To Uhura.] Hey, babe, let’s make out.
Uhura: OK.
Evil Romulan Guy: Dude, I hate everyone.
Old Spock: Dude, you’re my best friend. And you should be captain of the Enterprise.
Kirk: Not that sodding awful TV series?
Kirk: Now I’m the captain, Spock can write his book about how to raise babies, Scotty can beam things up, the old guy is the ship’s doctor, and Mr Sulu isn’t gay this time. Oh, and Mr Chekhov not only has a funny accent, but he can’t even write a decent play. How’s that for different? All is well with the Federation.
Perhaps it’s because this was a cinema-taped version c/o. the Russians that I wasn’t really that impressed, but I don’t respond well to sludgy sound and vision. It’s not dire, and there have been worse outings. I thought the new cast did a fairly decent job of roles from ST:TOS, although Uhura was a little underused, the twist there being that she likes her men like her tea – little and green. However, I can’t help but feel that they’ve flogged the Star Trek horse to death.
Besides, they did that whole turning-a-planet-into-a-black-hole thing in Stargate SG1.

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