A busy day for irony

You’re reading one text when four turn up at once.
This afternoon, I was reading another extract from Lysias’ oration On the murder of Eratosthenes from an exam paper that I found on the St Andrew’s website. It was a section that I hadn’t read before and one in which the maid has spilt the beans to Euphiletus. That was when I had a phone call from Linda to say that the books I ordered from Amazon had arrived. These are the volumes in the Greek Prose Reading Course for Post-Beginners. The first unit is the very text I was reading and all four were edited by Malcolm Campbell, who is a Reader in Greek at St Andrew’s. See, I told you there was irony.
Anyway, their arrival means that I’m no longer wholly dependent on the computer and can watch a DVD while translating some Greek. All right, ignore a DVD while translating some Greek.
Another miserable grey day today. Rained about mid afternoon and has remained damp. Last day of my unofficial holiday. Haven’t quite done as much as I’d been hoping, but I’ve managed to translate some text each day.

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