Why not call it “Buffo the Vampyre Sleigher” and be done with it?

Demons, or Some things are better left unbroadcast.
I bought some DVDs recently, but without any great enthusiasm. One I picked up had some familiar faces on the front – Philip Glenister, Mackenzie Crook. Unfortunately, I guess the meeting to plug this one went like this:
Simon Smug-Gitt: Thank you for coming. [Insincerely] I’m sure you’re very busy. Now, this new show of yours [needlessly consults a piece of paper on his desk] Demons. Isn’t it just a pure and unadulterated rip-off of Buffy?
Veronica Blatant-Ripoff: Of course not. The main character in Demons is a teenage boy.
Brian de Plagiariste: And his useless best friend is a girl who’s completely in love with him.
Simon Smug-Gitt: But so was Buffy’s best friend.
Brian de Plagiariste: I meant Xander.
Simon Smug-Gitt: So did I. But I must admit it’s sounding a little more original. I mean, Mina Harker is an original character. It’s not like she came from a book or anything, did she?
Omnes: Oh, no, of course not.
Julian Idea-Pirate: And she’s sort of a blind half vampire.
Simon Smug-Gitt: And where do they hang out exactly?
Brian de Plagiariste: In a library.
Simon Smug-Gitt: But that’s just like Buffy.
Brian de Plagiariste: Yes, but it’s in a sewer.
Simon Smug-Gitt: There you go. Original thinking.
Veronica Blatant-Ripoff: Now I know this is a little premature, but we’re thinking that Philip Glenister might play the part of Rupert Giles, er, Rupert Galvin. He’s Buffy’s, sorry, Sam’s… [turns to the others] What’s the main character’s name again? [They shrug.]
Simon Smug-Gitt: I hate Philip Glenister. He once stole my parking space. He can play the part with an American accent. [Slight pause.] He’s utterly useless at them and everyone will mock him for it.
And so I’m hoping that the current economic disaster might prevent a second series of this dire pile of unoriginal pooh from being made. It’s not, perhaps, quite the worst TV series ever, but it tries hard to be.

This was one of those parallel universe films where the people in one universe are the people in the other as well. In this case, the parallel to this world has been created in the mind of a madman. I was surprised to see that this was a British Film Council/Film 4 production. I was unsurprised that it wasn’t that good.

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