And that’s why we need a Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Accents

Nobel Son.
Alan Rickman, brutalising a fake American accent as no Brit has brutalised it before, plays an arrogant bastard of a scientist who’s awarded a Nobel Prize. His son is kidnapped by his illegitimate son and somehow the pair of them end up working together to get the ransom money out from under the noses of the police.
Then the insane illegitimate son becomes the new lodger with the Nutty Professor until the legitimate son kidnaps his father and turns the tables on his half-brother who ends up being squashed by a yellow Mini. His insane girlfriend ends up back in a psychiatric hospital, and the nice policeman brings the legitimate son’s mum the ransom money so that she won’t lose it in the divorce.
An idea which, had it been well executed, might’ve resulted in a decent film, but this wasn’t written in joined-up writing. There were too many occasions in the plot when it was convenient for certain situations to have happened without explanation. Use the DVD as a frisbee.

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