No less dull when you fast-forward it

Rachel Getting Married.

I thought this might an amusing film in a dry sort of way, but the little I watched of it made Twilight actually seem quite dynamic. In fact, the film was so dull that even when I fast-forwarded it, it was no less dull. Single scenes were interminable. I terminated this one with extreme prejudice. 

If you never saw it when it came out, how fortunate you are. If you missed it but bought it on DVD, I’m sorry you ever had to see it. If you’ve never seen it, stay away from it or it’ll cause you nothing but regret.

Underworld, Rise of the Lycans.

The third film in the Underworld series is kind of an extended edition of the background history that we got in the first film. The vampires created lycans (i.e., werewolves) to protect them; the lycans rebelled. The chief lycan had an affair with the vampire king’s daughter. There’s a big fight and the vampire king gets locked in a box.

I’m sure Bill Nighy, Michael Sheen and Rhona Mitra all bought something nice with their salaries; perhaps a bottle of wine or some other item not costing more than £7.99.

Actually, I spent the time through both of these films translating the passages from Lysis and Theaetetus. The former was about Socrates meeting some people who are gathering together to have a chat. The second is a dialogue between Euclides and Terpsion about Theaetetus who’s returned to Athens both wounded in some war and suffering from dysentery. When he was a boy, he met Socrates not long, it appears, before the latter met his end.


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