Sound, picture, incoherence

Before I saw Watchmen, I’d already seen reviews which said that it wouldn’t make much sense unless you’d read the graphic novel. And they were right. This rambled on and on, and while some sort of story emerged, the film lacked the coherence to hold my attention. The film is also about twenty years too late. Unlike V for Vendetta, which, though I believe it’s a satire on Thatcher’s Britain, does have some relevance because the UK is a rampant surveillance state, and because Watchmen is a Cold War satire, it’s relevance to the modern world is slight.
I’d also guess that Moore’s original story is too complex or done in such a way that any attempt to reproduce the material as a film results in something exactly like this. Not really worth the effort.
There was additional incoherence in that some of the sound track was in Russian. Not too much, but I could’ve done without it.

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