It’s not all bad

But it’s not all good either.
Having dealt with some other business first, I went to school to make a note of the marks from this term and last term so that I could judge overall what progress had been made. It generally doesn’t make for good reading, but at least Class 6 have achieved something.
Class Improved Worsened Unchanged
5 13 (.5 7; 1 6) 2 10
6 20 (.5 16; 1 4) 4
7 2 (.5 2) 9 8
Totals: 35 11 22
(In the Improved column, .5 means a half-band improvement; 1 means a whole band improvement or greater.)
The unchanged column may hide some improvements, but I note that a lot of the names are of kids who do bugger all in lessons. The results for Class 6 are pleasing even although I find some of them to be ill-mannered louts. Class 7’s results should come as no surprise. The ones who have got worse and most of those who remain unchanged form a roll call of the laziest kids in the class. What’s frustrating is that quite a few of them seem better at English than they’re leading me to believe, but it’s not until they sit an exam that it’s possible to see it.
I wish that I could say the ones who’ve improved have done so because of me, but the improvement may not be that much (half an IELTS band; that accounts for most of Class 6) and probably comes from their Chinese English classes, especially if they don’t do anything in my class.
Another glorious day in the annals of EFL teaching.

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