That’s the marking done

And the scores are…

I finished off the marking earlier this evening. The overall results (IELTS equivalence scores) are

Class 5 Class 7
Speaking 5.5 5.5
Listening 4 3
Reading 4 3
Writing 5.5 5
As you can see, the speaking and writing scores for both classes are fairly similar, but the listening and reading place the class averages a whole band apart. In fact, it was noticeable with Class 7 that there’s a major difference between perception and production skills. Such differences are expected, but they shouldn’t be more than about a band apart as far as I recall.
I’ve also written the reports for Classes 5 and 7, but have left Class 6 until Jason gives me the results. In more than a few, I suggested that the little darlings should think about applying to opt out of the class: some because the material is too easy and they can return when we start IELTS; others because they’re wasting their time and mine by even being there. In addition, I’ve scrubbed the whole conversion of the score to the ridiculous schemata in the back of the report book because it causes more confusion than it’s worth. No, everyone is getting their IELTS equivalence scores even although there is no Use of English exam in IELTS.
I’m not quite free, but the bulk of what I have to do is done.
Class 6 got exactly the same averages as Class 5, but with one major difference. The number of students in Class 6 who improved accounted for 83% of the class; the number who improved in Class 5 accounted for 52% of the class.

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