Duplicitous little

I had a phone call from Linda about mid morning saying that there was something to discuss. It turned out that there’d been a meeting with the Dowager Empress about the recent exam fiasco at which it was claimed that Glen had told Class 6 they had yesterday afternoon off. My reaction was that Glen had been winding them up, but when I asked him about it just before the exams this afternoon, he said he’d sent no such message.
It turned out that the kid who’d had the tantrum yesterday was Arthas (which is, I find, the name of a character in that online money vacuum cleaner, World of Warcraft[1]). In the end, we decided that Jason would mark both sets of reading results and award the better mark. I marked Arthas’ papers myself. A patterned selection of answers got him the equivalent of IELTS 1.5, but his more considered answers got him IELTS 5.5.
Today saw the last of the exams, Use of English, time which I used to get through most of the reading papers. I had some stunningly good results for that as well as some stunningly bad ones. The pattern follows that of other years with the two classes being about a band apart in reading proficiency.
Once I’ve finished the marking, we have to send the results to Central Command via the programme website. I wish they’d just let us use a spreadsheet as they’ve done in past years. And once that piece of tedium is out of the way, it’s time to fill in the report books. Unfortunately, Class 7’s have vanished. According to my half of the class (well, two kids in my half of the class), Brian took them in. In spite of a search, Glen and I have been unable to find them in our office, and if they’d ended up with Linda, she would’ve passed them on to us. I haven’t seen Brian in ages, but whether he can recall what he did with them (if, indeed, he did get them back), I don’t know.
I’ll be making my usual sarcastic constructive comments for some and bland murmurings for others.
I note (in unrelated news) that Spaces was off air earlier this evening. Perhaps they’re undoing all the recent changes which irritated so many people. I also note (as an aside to the aside) that the amount of traffic I’ve had on GB since before Christmas has declined dramatically. I’m sure last year I was still getting a goodly number of visitors at this time. Oh well. They’ll come back. I guess.
1. When I tried to find out more about the name, I found the WoWWiki site blocked. That’s probably because it’s considered injurious to the soggy-brained youth of the inGlorious Motherland. [13.09.14. As an allegedly English name, Arthas is still in use. It was the name of a particularly somnolent blob last year.]

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