The disc spins; the laser scans the surface; you get

Hamlet 2.
Steve Coogan plays a second-rate actor who has to work as a second-rate high school drama teacher. Because of budget cutbacks, he suddenly finds his drama class full of students. He needs a project, but his recent efforts – stage versions of popular films – have been panned by the school’s diminutive critic. Instead, he comes up with Hamlet 2.
So far, so all right. But then we hit that point in such films where it seems the production is dead in the water for one reason or another until the cast pull together to make dreams happen, and the audience gets to see some of that dream in all its awfulness.
The film isn’t quite as dreadful as I feared, although Coogan can’t do a decent American accent. Might’ve been better if it’d been set in Britain with a great deal more pathos as his Broadway-style musical (“A touch of America – in Altrincham.”) falls flat on its face.

We’ve already seen it.
In other film news, The Dark Knight isn’t going to be released in cinemas on the Mainland because it’s likely Nanny would react immaturely to it of cultural sensitivities. Never mind, I’ve already seen it here on DVD. Now if the reason was that the film’s kind of bloated crap, then I might applaud.

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