Christmas is banned until further notice

That is all.
decorations I got back to the office after class this morning to find that Linda had left a note about Christmas on my desk. All celebrations and decorations have been banned, which, I assume, is a continuation of the order about not praying in class earlier this term. I had thought that this was aimed primarily at me and Glen, but on my way home I saw the rubbish in the picture sitting outside the main building. These decorations must’ve been up in other classrooms. The order doesn’t come from the school, but from somewhere higher up the food chain, and may be another instance of puerile, hypocritical, overzealous nationalism.
I’d be lying if I said I was that bothered about it. The only decorations I had in my classroom were ones that hadn’t been taken down since last year. I’ve looked at them occasionally and thought I should remove them. The irony is that the school’s taking us out on Wednesday evening to celebrate Christ­mas.
Less ironic has been the behaviour of the little darlings. Class 6 keep nag­ging me about DVDs. I don’t respond well to nagging or overlook that they forget their place. They have no right to see DVDs; I’m not obliged to show them. I also get thoroughly sick to death of hearing them say, “Movie”, which makes them sound as retarded as they really are, or “DVD”, which I consider to be rather discourteous. Class 7 followed Class 6 with a bout of doing nothing. It was one of those lessons where I could just leave them to it, though, and I did. Class 5 took their usual pre-lunchtime approach to the lesson. If they did anything, it was done with minimal effort to produce a minimal answer.
The speaking exams are almost done. One more pair tomorrow, and that’s it. Hurrah!

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