That’s what I like to see coming out of a DVD player

The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.
Precious Ramotswe inherits a lot of cows from her father and from their sale establishes The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. Business is a little slow to begin with, but gradually clients turn up asking for help of one sort or another. Ramotswe is quite adept at solving cases by means which are slightly unconventional. She proves that the man claiming to be one woman’s father is a fraud by tricking him into believing that his “daughter” needs a massive blood transfusion. In another case, she proves that a woman’s husband (called Kremlin) is a philanderer, but he plan backfires a little and she’s accused of being a seductress.
While investigating a fraud case, Ramotswe finds herself dealing with a more sinister case: a search for a missing child who was probably going to find himself being used in magic rituals. She rescues the boy and returns him to his father.
Ramotswe has two Dr Watsons. One is her slightly prim, formal and stiff, but well-qualified secretary, Mma Makutsi, and the other is JLB Matekoni, the local motor mechanic.
This is rather different from your average guns-and-ammo ’tec flick, and rather more enjoyable to watch than the previous two films I’ve seen. According to what I’ve read on the IMDb, the stories are going to be turned into a BBC/HBO series next year.
I must admit that because I’ve never read the books, I can’t say whether the film is a decent approximation of them.

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