He enjoyed it so much

That he did it for a second week running.

I got to school this morning expecting to find that Glen, having forgotten about the new time for Class 5 last week, had already arrived. Since he wasn’t here, I thought he might be along soon afterwards; but when I had to go off to class, he still hadn’t arrived. I sent him a text message only to learn that he’d forgotten about Class 5 again. Doh!

Linda helped me herd the class back to their form room where I showed them an episode of Dr Who. Because today is a media studies day anyway, that was planned, hence Glen’s forgetfulness wasn’t a major disaster.

The irony was that I’d said to Linda before class this morning, “What’s the bet Glen’s forgotten that we have class next period?” It was only meant as mediocre humour, but it turned out to be prescient. Just to add to the irony, Glen had been running out of words for the crossword that was part of yesterday’s Progress Test. He resorted to the clue “An excellent teacher”. The answer was, of course, the excellent teacher who forgot about Class 5 again. I told his half of Class 5 that on Monday they should say he’s been a very naughty boy.

While we’re talking about domestic issues, the weather has turned rather chilly here. I wonder if we’re in for a winter like my first one in China when the temperature plummeted for two weeks before Christmas and it snowed the day before. The cold weather seems to be a theme across (parts of) the northern hemisphere at the moment.


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