Yet another TV series

On his 21st birthday, Sam’s parents reveal that they sold his soul to the Devil. Sam also learns that he must now work as Satan’s bounty hunter, capturing souls who have escaped from Hell and are wrecking havoc on Earth. Sam is assisted by two friends from work: Sock, who’s fat and crass, and Ben, who’s skinny and Hispanic. Eventually Andi, the great love of Sam’s life, joins their little circle.
The series is a little bit like Buffy with slackers but without quality dialogue. It’s a melodrama, being vaguely amusing at times, but never that serious either. We learn that Sam may actually be the son of Satan, and it appears that his “parents” are probably demons as well.
Sam is a good American boy who’s amiable enough, a bit of a loser, but always defensive in his dealings with Satan. Unfortunately, every time Sam has a meeting with the boss, his expression suggests that he’s more likely to be constipated or confused than defiant.
I see that Reaper is now in its second series. It’s one of those series which I’d only watch here in China for want of anything else. I don’t think it quite knows what to do with itself without some sort of series-wide story arc. The rebellion against Satan was a half-hearted attempt at that, but this is mostly soul-of-the-week stuff. Reaper doesn’t really interest me that much, but I’m the wrong demographic, of course.
[02.08.14. Reaper survived for a second series before being axed. No great loss.]

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