Great Ghost Stories

Selected and arranged by John Grafton.

This is an anthology with ten short ghost stories from the latter half of the 19th century and first decade of the 20th published by Dover. Three of them I’ve already read. The other seven are Dickon the Devil by Sheridan le Fanu about a man who’s frightened witless by an evil ghost; The Judge’s House by Bram Stoker in which a student trying to find a quiet place to study has a fatal encounter with the spirit of a hanging judge; in Jerome K. Jerome’s Ghost Story, a scientist is murdered by the skeleton of a wronged man who died in a cathedral; The Moonlit Road is, I believe, the second story I’ve read by Ambrose Bierce, and the second one I didn’t like the style of; The Monkey’s Paw by W.W. Jacobs (which I know from one of those green-covered bilingual readers you can get here in China) is a tale about being careful what you wish for; Bone to his Bone by E.G. Swain is about the ghost of a priest who directs the current occupant of his former residence to find and reunite a missing bone with the rest of his skeleton; the final story is The Confession of Charles Linkworth by E.F. Benson, which is about the spirit of a man who was executed for murdering his mother confessing to his crime after death.


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