So long and thanks for

All the unnecessary sequels.
The universe is so bizarre that events which most people would consider highly improbable are actually the most likely outcome given any random starting point. If, for example, you go and buy a newspaper, you should not be surprised to find yourself in Cuba and married to Barry Manilow two days later. Therefore, when it was announced that Eoin Colfer was going to be writing a new book in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series, Arthur Dent, had he known this, would not have been surprised to find that although he had been blown to pieces millions of years earlier, gravity had eventually reconstituted him and his alien friend, Ford Prefect, along with the rest of Planet Earth. Arthur had enjoyed the first novel, but had found the sequels had departed too far from the original vision. And when he recalled the dreadful film which had starred the guy who played Colin in The Office, he felt that the destruction of the Earth could be justified without the resentment which you might feel when someone demolishes your house.
“Do you think Marvin will be back?” asked Arthur picking up the paper.
“Bound to be,” said Ford.
“Why was he called Marvin the Paranoid Android? He was always seemed rather depressed to me.”
“I don’t know, Arthur; but if this sequel is better than the previous ones, perhaps he can be paranoid about the quality of subsequent sequels.”
“Subsequent sequels? That is depressing. In that case, I guess I could play Marvin’s part as well.”
I enjoyed the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but was disappointed with the sequels. I’m sure I’ve read at least two of them and possibly the third. Don’t think I’ve ever read Mostly Harmless and don’t think I was tempted to. I have no problems with Eoin Colfer doing the writing, but why another sequel? Is this because someone of our generation who thought that the Hitchhiker’s Guide was the Best Book Evah™ is in a position of power in the publishing industry and wants us to go on some nostalgia trip? “Penguin hopes that Belson’s choice of Colfer will bring a new generation of readers to Adams’s work.” Don’t hold your breath. The most likely audience is going to be old bastards such as me or Colfer. But let’s hear from the articulate voice of today’s young people.
ςтυpί∂ chάrάcтєrz iи τhε тϊтℓє вℓóğ
My DaD iZ tOtAlLy GoInG oN aBoUt ThIs BoOk WhAt He BoUgHt!!!!! He SaYs I sHoUlD rEaD iT… bUt It LoOkS dEaD bOrInG, aBoUt A mAn wHo WeArZ a DrEsSiNg GoWn AlL tHe TiMe. I fInK hE mUsT bE a PeRv. ThE mAn WeArInG tHe DrEsSiNg GoWn, NoT mY dAd!!!!!! LoL!!!!!!! AnYwAyZ, mE, sHeZzA, bAz etc.
Perhaps Colfer will produce something decent, but is there really any demand from any quarter (apart from the publishing industry who are in it for the anticipated profits) for another sequel in this series?

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