Nice to be appreciated

For the seventh time.

Teacher Appreciation Day yesterday. We all trooped off to the same hotel as last year, although some of the acts were different this time. Nonetheless, I found that the whole thing quickly palled. The volume of the speakers was too high to be tolerable, and I found myself wishing that I could’ve been somewhere else. I went and sat with Linda for a while. ^_^ She’d been relegated to the English teachers’ table, but they were off getting ready for their performance. I also stood at the back of the room. My upper back was feeling a bit stiff yesterday and where I was sitting, I’d had to twist round to see the stage, which was rather uncomfortable.

After we eventually ate, Glen, Row and I went round and toasted the other tables.

It also gave me a chance to talk to the people in the A-level programme. Most of them are science teachers because most of their students want to study for science degree. If the programme expands next year, which it might if our programme is coming to an end, there might be a job with the A-level programme for which I could apply. [11.09.14. There was, but I ended up in Wuxi instead.]

The latest news from Central Command is that the HR manager’s post comes to an end at the end of October. Why? I don’t know. Back in the good old days [Sure you don’t want to rephrase that? –ed.], it became clear that combining HR and academic management in a single post was too much for one person. We don’t know exactly what mechanisms will be put in place, but perhaps it was felt that a.) because recruitment gets done overseas, there’s no point in having someone here; and b.) personal emergencies don’t warrant the immediate attention of an HR manager who’d have to get others to deal with it.

[11.09.14. This year’s Teacher Appreciation Day was another shrug. We didn’t even get ¥100 as we have for the past couple of years, but the school’s miserable attitude is perhaps less to do with the headmaster’s loathing for us than it is to do with the Emperor’s crackdown on corruption. The irony is that although we may get gifts of one sort or another, none of them actually sway us.]

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