Passing through the hall

An spearwa þanon utane cume…

I managed not to go mental on Class 5 this morning, but could not restrain myself with the tiny-brained dolts in Class 16 this afternoon. I was trying to explain to them how to do the writing task I’d set them, but was greeted by a wall of noise as if I didn’t even exist. Enough was enough, I decided, and hammered on the multimedia system, which startled them. “Do you think I’m doing this for fun?” I said as my opening statement. They were quiet for a time and let me finish before they started talking again and not doing the writing task.

I’m sure quite a few of them must’ve looked up at my outburst, wondered who I was, and then gone back to their own self-centred little worlds. For a few moments I existed and then like the sparrow in the wita‘s analogy, I passed from the hall back into darkness.

Class 16 is mostly girls who probably mainly aspire to marry some rich boy and live a life of witless indolence as 太太.

I just have to last another four days…


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