Do you have anything in a more obscure dialect?

shuhanjiayou Over on Barking at the Sun, Jane Voodikon mentions the Chengdu mini night market on Kehua Beilu. She mentions the suddenly rampant “IChina” T-shirts which first appeared when rumours about the French were causing such a spleen among the less objective members of Chinese Cyberia. The incidence of such T-shirts seems to have grown exponentially in the three weeks after the quake so that there are now people selling them about every 5m along the street – or so it seems.

I wouldn’t wear one of the “IChina” T-shirts myself, but I might wear one saying “ISichuan” or 四川加油 (Sìchuān jiāyóu “Come on, Sichuan”) because it’s local rather than national. But if you really wanted me to buy a T-shirt, then show me one with 蜀汉加油 (Shǔhàn jiāyóu) on it in seal script because it’d appeal to my antiquarian vanity. Come to think of it, I don’t know whether 加油 in the modern sense is also found in Classical Chinese. Yeah, I think I might put the T-shirt back until I can be certain.


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