Exams and lines

The Double Seven.

As I predicted, that evil old 魔鬼, the Dowager Empress, is insisting that we should do all seven pen-and-paper exams in three days. At least Linda has separated them so that we’ll do IELTS first and then FCE. Oh well, I suppose that during the latter, I can put the time to more valuable use by marking the former. The writing will be the biggest nuisance with the same dull and unimaginative answers repeated 70 times.

When I was out and about on my adventures a couple of days ago, I saw that work has been started on a second Metro line. That prompted me to check out the Chengdu Metro website (in Chinese) to see whether I could find a map of the network. There’s only one rather fuzzy map of the line that’s been under construction since I first arrived nearly a year ago. After a search through the site, I found a page which had a list of the lines and a basic description. There are going to be seven altogether contained within the bounds of (for want of an official designation for it) the 5th Ring Road.

  • Line 1 大丰站 (Dàfēng Zhàn) to 广都站 (Guǎngdu Zhàn). This is the line that’s been under construction and runs north-south through the centre of the city.
  • Line 2 龙泉东站 (Lóng Quán Dōng Zhàn) to 石牛站 (Shíniú Zhàn). This line will run from the south-east to the north-west. The north western terminus appears to be in 郫县 (Pí Xiàn).
  • Line 3 红星车站 (Hóng Xīng Chē Zhàn) to 板桥南站 (Bǎn Qiáo Nán Zhàn). This line run will from the north-east to the south-west, but I can’t track down these particular destinations.
  • Line 4 温江站 (Wén Jiāng Zhàn) to 西河站 (Xī Hé Zhàn). This line will run from west to east and is presumably the line on which preparations began recently.
  • Line 5 驷马桥站 (Sìmǎ Qiáo Zhàn) to 江河站 (Jiāng Hé Zhàn). If I understand the information correctly, this line will run north-south along the west side of the city, although I don’t know these particular destinations.
  • Line 6 (1) 沙湾站 (Shāwān Zhàn) to 四河站 (Sì Hé Zhàn). This appears to be the eastern counterpart of the former, although I’m also unfamiliar with these places. I’ve seen road signs for 沙湾, but thought it was in the north-west.
  • Line 6 (2) 琉璃场站 (Liúlíchǎng Zhàn) to 双流航空港站 (Shuāngliú Hángkōnggǎng Zhàn). This is the line that’ll take people to the airport. I think it links it to the centre of the city, but I forget where 琉璃场 is exactly. The name looks familiar, but I can’t remember where I’ve seen it around here.
  • Line 7 生态站 (Shēngtài Zhàn) to 龙潭东站 (Lóng Tán Dōng Zhàn). This line, it seems, will run across the north of the city. I can find a 龙潭 in the north-east near the 3rd Ring Road. I must admit the Chinese, which suggests something slightly different about the line, defeats me.

No doubt I’ll fill in the blanks in my knowledge in due course. I also don’t really know quite how the two Line 6s differ unless there’s some sort of gap between them.

I was going to post this a couple of days ago, but thought I’d see if I could get a more detailed map of the area around Chengdu. But now that I’ve got the time, I find I’m too hot, bothered and sleepy to put in that much effort after a second clear, sunny day in 蓉成.


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