The local tapas bar.

We had thought we were going to a Spanish restaurant last night, but the establishment turned out to be a tapas bar on 凉水井街 (Liáng Shuǐ Jǐng Jiē), which is that side street off 武侯祠大街. I’ve passed it many times, but never been down there. We ordered the food from the bar quite literally because there were examples sitting on the bar from which to choose, but no menu. The portions we were served weren’t as large as what we saw when we ordered it, but I thought it was tasty enough. 

The service was a little chaotic. We had to ask for extra napkins about three times, and the girl working there should’ve been the star of a training video as an illustration of how it’s not done. But I don’t think it was her obvious lack of experience alone that was the problem. Were more staff needed? Two to man the bar (and stay there) and perhaps three to work the tables, or something like that. 

I don’t know whether I’ll go back. It’s not really because of the service or the food that would deter me from returning, but rather because that area’s a tacky tourist trap and, therefore, somewhere I tend to avoid.

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