Score update

Mr Bamboo 1 – TV earthquake prediction 0.

I eventually heard from Linda that some expert had dismissed the TV prediction as a bunch of old rubbish. But even although the locals probably now know this, people were still turning up on the running track with tents early this evening and setting them up. Perhaps they’re now there not in case of earthquakes, but in case of more ridiculous rumours.

The school went so far as to buy us tents. Glen and Row are using one to­night to spare themselves from being dragged out of bed on the basis of an­other rumour and spending a sleepless night outside. Brian’s decided to take up residence in the other tent. Not sure why. Perhaps just for fun.

As I expected, there is school as usual tomorrow.

In vaguely unrelated news, Chris is apparently unable to get onto Spaces from Beijing unless he uses a proxy. That might have something to do with the three days of mourning, although I’m having no issues from here, being able to access GB with both Firefox and IE.

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