Showtime title; studio ending.

David Duchovny plays Hank Moody, an acclaimed novelist who’s been suffering from writer’s block for twelve years, and spending his time doing drugs and babes. He finds himself living in and hating LA, and blogging about it. He’s still in love with his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, Karen, who’s going to marry Bill, the publisher Hank works for. Unfortunately, among Hank’s various conquests is Bill’s sly daughter, Mia. What Hank didn’t realise was that she’s only 16 (and if you believe the actress who played her is only 16, you need to get your eyes checked).

It’s a Showtime series so there are adult situations. Hank is talented, but arrogant, and David Duchovny made sure he got all the best lines. But the ending is absolutely studio. It’s clear that Karen is having her doubts about Bill, and as Hank says goodbye, she grips his hand and only slowly lets it go. Just as he’s driving away with their daughter, Karen comes running after him, jumps into the car, and the family is reunited. I told you it had a studio ending. Hopefully, it was one short-lived series.

But riddle me this, Batman. You’ve got David Duchovny and Natascha McElhone. You’d think that they’d have pretty children, wouldn’t you? So what was the deal with the kid who played the part of the daughter, Becca? Is this some piece of American folklore which assumes that girls on the verge of adolescence are Ugly Ducklings who will then become Beautiful Swans?


4 thoughts on “Californication”

  1. Yes, I was aware that Russell T. Davies had decided to part company with the Doctor. My sister told me that the latest series hadn’t been so great, but the guy who’ll replace Davies should be a safe pair of hands.

  2. I actually think this season has been par for the course (which is usually solid, even in its weakest forms I manage to enjoy DW). I download them, though. Outside of dreadful crap like Lost, The 4400, Prison Break and Friends: foreign tv on DVD in Wenzhou is sweet F. A. This area is without a doubt a cultural wasteland of DVD (among other things). When smaller areas liek Changzhou have more on offer you know something is amiss about a city! Thanks to the www, someone captures an episode on Saturday, it’s downloaded by Sunday and enjoyed the following Monday.

  3. Changzhou had some quite good DVD shops, although it was the usual thing: walk in one day and you might find nothing; go back the next and some new stuff had appeared. Mind you, I went into town one day to find that there’d been a crackdown and the shelves were empty. Chengdu’s all right for DVDs, but I’ve seen nothing to match the electronics market in Tongzhou when I first came to China.

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