Brief travels in north-west Chengdu

Mr Bamboo steps out.

It was a nice day today. That’s both good and bad. It helps the rescue efforts, but from other quakes I’ve read about, I believe it can pose a danger to trapped survivors who are at risk of dehydration. The more time that passes, the more likely it is that the rescuers will be recovering bodies.

My travels took me to the back streets of north-west Chengdu. The first thing I noticed was that not too far up the road a small area had been cord­oned off where tiles had come down, smashing into stone steps. For­tun­ate­ly, no one seems to have been outside that building (near a branch of the Bank of China) at the time the quake struck, the tiles having clearly hit the steps with some force. Nonetheless, that’s only the second instance of vis­ible external damage I’ve seen to a building in Chengdu. I did see one other building which might’ve been damaged by the quake, but it was hard to tell precisely whether it was recent.

Off the beaten track, I found that a lot of people are still camping outside in tents, which doesn’t surprise me after last night’s quake and thunder­storm. That must’ve continued to rattle people as it rattled me. I’m still hoping that other aftershocks will have the decency to wait until after class before they arrive because the last thing I need is a bunch of hysterical adolescents on my hands.

I see I managed to get a little sunburnt. So much for Sichuan dogs barking at the sun.

Finally, I should mention Steve’s China Blog (blogspot, thus blocked, of course) as another source of quake news from Chengdu.


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