Quake pictures

Images of wrack and ruin.

ESWN has a collection of quake pictures here. I have to admit that if the quake had been closer to Chengdu, this building would probably have gone the same way as many of the buildings in Dujiangyan.

We had a lot of rain last night, but it’s now stopped here. If there were any further aftershocks last night, I don’t know because I slept fairly soundly.

I see that we’re already getting stories about people criticising the army for arriving too late (unfair, I think) and making accusations about shoddy materials and workmanship as a consequence of local corruption.

The other news this morning is that there’s no school until Friday.

I’m reminded by an article in The Independent that this is the second crisis I’ve been through in China, the first being SARS back in 2003 when I was living just outside Beijing. That was a storm in a teacup compared with the quake. I see from the same article

At the Juyuan Middle School, everyone spoke of what had happened to the xiao pengyoumen, which translates as “little friends”…

Actually, 小朋友们 means “children” although the literal translation is correct. The same error is then repeated in the following paragraph.


3 thoughts on “Quake pictures”

  1. The images of the eq are pretty horrendous. I used the HDM cable to view them on the big TV screeen which makes them even more graphic. We are just so glad you are safe. Where will you be in another 40 years? Hopefully not near the epicentre of another 7 plus shake.

  2. Yes, the pictures are grim. The ones which got me were some of the pictures of the school children because they’re about the age of the kids I teach. The pictures of Wen Jiabao currently on ESWN also include one rather gruesome shot of what he was actually looking at.

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