That’s right, babe

Ride the Love Sword.

I went to a proper bike shop with Linda yesterday afternoon and got my bike seen to. The real problem was the ball bearings around the spindle. Basically, to use technical parlance, they were knackered. While I was in the shop, I was having a look at the various models of bikes. The model which is equivalent to mine had the name Clerrent, which didn’t make any sense until Linda translated the Chinese name. The English should say Current, but the font is one of those hand-writing style ones like Mistral so that somehow, the ‘u’ has been replaced by ‘le’. I can imagine how a hand-written ‘u’ might be misread as ‘le’ by a non-native speaker.

lovesword But that’s merely the trailer to the main event. Yeah. it says Love Sword. It’s clearly not Love’s Word because the gap is between “love” and “sword”. No Chinese so it’s not possible to say what it might be meant to mean, but I suspect that it’s a gross mistranslation. Anyway, I hope all those Chinese girls out there on their Love Swords [fnar! fnar!] are enjoying the ride.

Meanwhile, my bike is now running smoother than a baby’s bottom. [Do you even listen to yourself when you write? –ed.]


3 thoughts on “That’s right, babe”

  1. OOOOooooo!!!….You ARE naughty! Are you married, young man…..(dive tackle). Apologies to Dick Emery.

  2. Chortle Guffaw, whey-hey what ribald japes!
    I’ve got the puncture in my joy truncheon fixed anyone for a seater?

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