CSI: China

“We were unable to recover any fingerprints.”
“And why was that?”
“Well, Constables Li, Zhang and Hong had already handled the evidence. And Captain Wang. Oh, and then Major Chen.”

After class this morning, I went down to the office and found Row was talking to Linda and Dowager Empress Cixi. Both Row and Linda were looking tired; there was talk about moving flats; and it appeared that something had happened.

It turned out that some time early this morning Glen and Row had been turned over. Some thief had climbed down the drainpipe and got into their flat through the window, any sounds he might’ve been making being masked by the rowdy drunks in the park. It seems that the culprit was seen by someone upstairs who seems to have alerted the police, but Glen and Row not understanding what was going on and being disturbed by the alcohol-fuelled conviviality in the park were annoyed to find themselves being disturbed at about 5.30 or so this morning.

As for the crime scene, people were walking all over it and no one seemed to think that it might be worth checking for evidence before it got contaminated.

Glen and Row have asked to be moved. Like me, they’re not keen about the idea of grills on the windows, which may keep the burglars out, but they’d also keep you in with a fire if one broke out.


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