The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand’s doing

Crazy Stone.

I’ve been on the lookout for a copy of Crazy Stone (疯狂的石头) ever since the film came out. I’ve picked it up in DVD shops a few times, but normally I’m told there’s no English. Anyway, after I’d been over to this new bookshop on Kehua Beilu (absolutely not worth the effort), I went DVD shopping. One of the films I grabbed was Crazy Stone which, according to the sleeve, had English subs.

The film is about three different groups of people who are trying to steal a jade ornament. They keep running across each other, but have no idea whose paths they’re crossing. The all get rather tangled together, but without really knowing it. The sleeve says that this is China’s Ocean’s Eleven, but everyone in the film is basically a bungling nitwit in one way or another.

For a Western audience, the style is perhaps a little too Chinese and a little too slapstick in places, but although much of the comedy probably gets lost in translation, it’s an amusing film nonetheless. It’s a good antidote to those 武侠 (wǔxiá) films like Hero and House of the Flying Daggers. Where the heroes in those films have Cool Moves™, the heroes in Crazy Stone are more likely to tie their own shoelaces together and then walk into a lamp post.


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