And he will play


According to a report in the New Humanist editor’s blog (blogspot; possibly viewable; possibly not), Richard Dawkins is going to make a guest appearance in Dr Who (Dawkins to appear in Dr Who). The entry wonders what part he might play. I’d be tempted to have him play God and wander around saying things like “I keep telling the Pope I don’t exist, but he just doesn’t believe me.” On the other hand, perhaps he could be struck down.

“So God killed him?” said Rose peering at the arms and legs sticking out from under the pile of books.
“Well, not exactly,” said the Doctor, “what with God not existing. No, God didn’t kill him, but rather the idea of God.”
“The idea?”
“Yeah, this huge pile of Bibles fell on him. Ironic, eh?”
“Yeah,” said Rose doubtfully. “Just wondering, Doctor, but just who was Richard Dawkins again?”

[30.08.14. Dawkins did make some sort of appearance in Dr Who, but it was so fleeting that I’d forgotten he’d even made an appearance.]


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