That’s half the story

Smash and grab.

Yesterday, the kids in Class 5 wanted to watch a DVD of footage recorded from CCTV news of the events in Τιβέτ. Although the coverage was clear­ly biased (no scenes of Chinese police quelling demonstrators), it was also clear that some of the protests were motivated less by aspirations for Ти­б­этан iνδεπένδενcε than by the pleasure of wanton vandalism. A bunch of people were attacking a branch of the Bank of China, but I can’t imagine the money inside even came into consideration.

Some of the images I’ve seen could be from anywhere in China. Something happens and everyone else stands around gawping. The “struggle” for Τι­β­έταν фрээдом was reduced to mere street theatre. In other words, they’re not all necessarily fighting the good fight.

[15.08.14. I’m keeping this entry partly because it undermines the idea that unrest in Tibet is all about fighting the good fight against the forces of occupation. I’m also keeping it because it relates to sensationalism and bias in the media, which is an aspect which we look at in IB English B.]


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