Chengdu Saturday

What’s the deal with the weather?
In the past five weeks (or possibly even longer ago than that), there has been only one Saturday I can recall when the weather wasn’t rubbish. That was last Saturday. But to make up for it, this Saturday has been utter shite. It started raining last night and was prolonged enough and heavy enough to cause surface flooding. It was no more pleasant this morning and although the rain has stopped, it’s cool enough to warrant a scarf.
You might think that blogging about the weather is fairly desperate [It is. –ed.], but I’m noting a meteorological phenomenon. In the future, a string of rainy Saturdays will be known as the Chengdu Saturday Effect. For my discovery, I’ll be cited in all the best journals of meteorology and feted at annual gatherings of meteorologists. [And does the so-called Chengdu Saturday Effect include inane, lunatic ramblings? –ed.]
If the weather looks like it’s going to remain dry this afternoon, I might go in search of Alatriste again. [20.08.14. A big mistake. The film was awful.]

2 thoughts on “Chengdu Saturday”

  1. No consolation John, but it’s been the same here……..rain , rain and more rain.The children have got cabin fever, come to think of it, so have I!
    warm regards xxxx

  2. We were lucky. Apart from the morning, the rain ceased, although it remained grey and cool. Little bit brighter today, but still grey.

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