Can I have it in saffron…

…but with less slapping?

ESWN has a little more about the “Very yellow, very violent” incident. The background story is that some 13-year-old girl described some website as “very yellow, very violent”. (“Yellow” is the Chinese term for “pornographic”.) The phrase ended up being parodied online and the usual questions were raised about whether a 13-year-old girl really had the faintest clue what she was saying. The latest article on ESWN takes the view that she was probably just spouting the sort of formulaic phrases which get pumped into the heads of school kids in this country.

I think I’ve noted before that the younger school children in China tend to be much more conservative than their elders. The few times I’ve had contact with junior middle school kids, they’ve been very anal about anything that smacks of taking a little time off from the daily grind. I note at school that when the pupils are doing their morning exercises, the Senior 1s, who are at the back of the running track, are putting the most effort in while the Senior 2s and 3s are flopping around like jellyfish out of water.

Something seems to happen when students in Senior 1 become Senior 2s. They seem to lose the work ethic they inherited from junior middle school. Perhaps it’s because in Senior 1, pupils are new and keen; in Senior 3 they have to worry about the college entrance exam. In Senior 2, life for them is neither here nor there.

While we’re speaking about yellow things, I saw (via Danwei, I think) that there’s meant to be another campaign to sweep away the yellow (i.e., an anti-porn drive). Since I’m thinking about going on a DVD-buying expedition this afternoon, I’ll be interested to see whether there’s any evidence of this latest campaign. From an entry on ESWN about Playboy being available during the Olympics, I note this statement:

All pornographic material is prohibited on the mainland…

Oh Nanny, thou art verily a wit.


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