The dubious pleasures of nasal congestion

Of which there are none.

Last night was even less fun than the night before as this pesky, but not especially bad cold blocked my nose up and laughed at my attempts to use a nasal spray to unblock it. At best, my nose was half blocked and progressively got worse. Eventually, I woke up some time early this morning with a dry mouth. When I did sleep, I had peculiar dreams. The only one I can remember is going up some stairs. Each time I hit the next flight up, I’d encounter a large, long-legged koala coming down which, I knew somehow, was expecting to be fed. It also left large, dry turds behind it. The koala was obviously the cat which is owned by one of the local shopkeepers. The turds? No idea.

Today was the first day of the speaking exams. Not a bunch of fun to deal with when you’re tired and you have a slight but nagging headache. Bah!


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