Nostalgia revival

It’s the 80s again. Again.

Apparently, the 80s are back according to Never gonna give it up: 80s stars cash in on thirtysomething pop nostalgia boom in The Guardian. There was an 80s nostalgia boom, probably fuelled by the recording industry trying to increase its profits, about ten years ago when, suddenly, a bunch of 80s music started to reappear on CD. In fact, compilations of music from the 80s seem to be a staple in record shops these days, although I note that a lot of the time it’s the same old stuff published by different labels.

assist I liked pop music back in the 80s. Then Kylie turned up and I decided that enough was enough when the stars of dreadful Australian soap operas had musical aspirations. It was not just Kylie, though. I didn’t like the style of music that started being re­leased. And since then, I’ve remained largely ignorant of pop music, al­though I know the names.

Well, I suppose it’s about time my generation got to remind everyone of the music of our youth instead of being bored by a bunch of tedious geriatrics from an older generation reminding everyone about the music of their youth.


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