The Beach

Maybe I’ll reach it.

I’ve just finished watching The Beach. Never saw it when it came out, but I vaguely recall the hype at the time and all the excitable hacks digging up the real/eerie true-life parallel story behind it. The story ends up being a bit mushy and directionless.

Anyway, that’s not why I’m bothering to mention this. The blurb on DVDs covers in China is often entertaining. Sometimes the pirates print a negative review and will highlight especially damning criticisms in large type, which is more useful than it sounds. That way you know you’re dealing with honest people because they’re not trying to perfume a pile of crap. The film’s complete shite and the marketing people aren’t afraid to tell you.

On the back of The Beach we have the anticipatory

“Local Quote
To Be Placed Here!”
-Local Critic, Local Publication

I note that an exclamation mark for the quote comes pre-installed. It’s easy to overlook such little details.


2 thoughts on “The Beach”

  1. ooo harsh …. Now I loved ‘The Beach’ and equally enjoyed the book…. but then I am at that age where utter shite interests me.. now I was walking along a Beach in Thailand last night and walked past a beach bar where they were playing the typical dated Bob Marley tracks and smoking Bongs…I wanted to yell GROW UP! and yet……..I enjoyed that film….?!
    Work that one out….
    I’m bored here on Koh Chang already…. oh and this primative island has jurrasic t’internet…I may try and swim home….

  2. It’s probably an age thing. If I was in my twenties, I probably would’ve liked The Beach. Nah, come to think of it, I was a cynical, sarcastic old bastard even then.
    I tend to think of Thailand as a destination for the younger generation or for old perverts. I’m not really the former and I’m certainly not the latter. [D’you want a second opinion? –ed.]

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