When cast members are cannon fodder.

I finished watching the fourth series of Spooks last night, although I’ll probably keep seeing 1-4 touted here as the “completely all season”, just as 1-6 of The Sopranos is labelled as the same. Spooks is about the the workings of MI5 as they defend the nation against various internal threats to national security: beardies, hackers, the CIA.

The series seems most noteworthy for the casual disposal of the cast. The original three main characters, Tom, Zoe and Danny, were all written out. Did they jump or were they pushed? Adam’s wife, Fiona, also departed, and one of the more recent characters to join the group has been threatening to resign. Although Adam got shot at the end of the final episode, it seems that he survives.

Spooks is kind of like The Professionals of the 21st century, although the resolution of storylines is usually a little more cerebral until the final ten minutes when there’s a lot of fast driving and usually some extras in black turn up to shoot the bad guy. (Probably the bad guy is some lucky extra, and they take that role in turns week by week.)


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