Not less than 80

The Speech Contest.

The culmination of this week’s cultural assimilation programme was this afternoon’s speech contest. Once again, the whole business was limited to our classes with two acts from each class. One was a speech and the other was poetry, although one of the Senior 1 classes did Martin Luthor King’s famous speech instead of a poem. The Senior 1s won both sections, although a couple of them were extremely nervous and fluffed their speeches.

I was curious to see who was representing Class 16. It turned out that two of the three entrants are in my half of the class, but no one came and asked me for help. Even the two kids from Class 6 only asked for my assistance twice, and today it was to get me to read Macavity so that they could record it. After that, they buggered off and that was all my involvement.

The ridiculous thing about the marking was that we weren’t allowed to give the competitors less than 80, which meant that we were really giving them a score out of 20.

On the original version of the score sheet, the title was “Speech Contest”, which 蛇夫人 corrected to “Speach Contest”, until I pointed the error out to Linda and Rose, who were suitably amused.


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