Troppo kewl für Lei.

Such undergraduate errors.

On Facebook I find a group called “We can speak Welsh and were damn proud of it!!!” Apart from excoriating the use of three exclamation marks, I’d suggest the title should be in Welsh, which might spare them the embarrassment of that missing apostrophe. 

I note another group called “I’m cool because I know IPA”.[1] This is the image they use at the moment:

What's wrong with this?

What’s wrong with it? “of” has been mistranscribed. What should it be?

"Of" is unstressed.
It’s a typical undergraduate error to muddle shwa and
It's always stressed. .
For example, “above” is
"Above" ,

with stress on the second syllable. I’ve seen first years botch the transcription so many times, and so many times I’ve used “above” to illustrate the difference between these vowels, and between stressed and unstressed syllables. [Remember how you weren’t cool to begin with? You just made it worse. –ed.]


1. If this is a criterion for being cool, then I was cool before most of the current members of Facebook were born. (Should I say that out loud?)

[04.12.13. I note that the difference between shwa and the other noise is probably neither here nor there, the vowels merely being the stressed and unstressed versions of the same noise.]


2 thoughts on “Troppo kewl für Lei.”

  1. "We can speak Welsh and were damn proud of it!!!"So they lost their pride in their ability to speak Welsh when they realised it was composed of the least pronouncable combinations of vowels and consonants that were discarded by the rest of the world at Babel? Or when they realised that it was good for little more than chatting up sheep?

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