The laser-scarred DVD yielded…

Death at a Funeral.

The paterfamilias has died, but the attempt to hold his funeral don’t go as smoothly as planned. The undertakers deliver the wrong body; the famous novelist son claims he’s too skint to contribute towards the cost of the funeral; the dead man turns out to have been gay; his boyfriend tries to blackmail the family; the niece’s boyfriend gets high accidentally; etc.

This is a comedy, but doesn’t make the fatal mistake of trying to be relentlessly funny, which is what would happen in the American version.


The film covers Oscar Wilde’s gay old life from the height of his fame to his relationship with Bosie Douglas to his subsequent trial and im­prison­ment. In spite of his brilliance, Wilde’s big mistake was to get involved in a libel trial at which he had to lie his arse off.

Wilde’s infatuation with Bosie destroyed his marriage and relationship with his children, although he is portrayed as a loving father when he is playing the part of a parent.

I was skimming through the credits at the end, looking for those stars of the Modern Age who belonged to the Blink-and-you-miss-them Club back then, when I spotted that a certain Orlando Bloom played the part of a rent boy.


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