If you turned on the TV, you might’ve seen…

The Producers.

I’ve seen the original version of the film and now I’ve seen the more recent version. I’d need to watch the former again to say whether the latter departed all that far from it, but from what I can recall, the differences seemed to be minor. In the original, I think the insane German used a bunch of Beat slang (embarrassing to say the least), but that was gone. I’m sure that in the original, they planned to blow the theatre up, but you couldn’t do that these days because it’d traumatise New Yorkers too much. And there’d be all those pointless law suits.

Not exactly the funniest film ever and a little too musical for my taste. Suggest that you wait for a demented, elderly aunt to give it to you for Christmas. Naturally, you’ll promise to watch it on a special occasion.


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