Rain stopped for play

The sports day.

By the time I headed off to school for class third period, the rain had stopped and the grounds staff were sweeping the surface water off the track. Preparations for the opening ceremony began when the period was due to start, with each class (in part) lining up around the running track to march past the podium and put on some brief performance. Here are Classes 6 and 16, the two which I teach half of. The boys holding the banner and the flag in the Class 6 picture are all in my class.

Class 6 marching at the opening ceremony of the sports day Class 16 perform at the opening ceremony ofthe sports day

See the girl in the school uniform behind the girl carrying the placard with the class number on it? She’s the class teacher. Really. And she wasn’t the only teacher wearing school uniform. As you can see from the left-hand picture, Glen and Quincy got in on the act as well. Linda (yes, that Linda ^_^ right-hand side at the front of the second picture below) and the admin department were made to dress up in those white tracksuits (the traditional garb of a Chinese administrator, I believe).

Glen and Quincy carrying the banner for Class 6, Senior 3The Admin Department march forth

I went upstairs in the International School building at the other end of the track to get a decent shot of the proceedings.

A view of the sports field

Class 4, Senior 2 managed to provide a moment of curiosity with their tops. As you might just be able to see in the picture, some of the pupils wore shirts saying “Super Lovers” and others “Love Trax”.

Class 4, Senior 2. Are we hot or what?

Actually, they may not be able to claim the prize for most curious attire. One of the later classes marched up to the podium with their textbooks, and the class behind seemed to be carrying the kind of boxes which are a combination of books and software or DVDs. Looked more like an advertising stunt.

After lunch, and totally unrelated to any of this, I hit the DVD place on the 1st Ring Road. Among today’s acquisitions was Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I haven’t seen the film in ages. I’d like to get The Life of Brian, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that in China.

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