The Mystery of the Missing Sock

[20.08.14. I’ve deleted the tale of the sock, which had somehow ended up in the leg of my trousers, and have shifted the remains of the post to a more relevant category.]


I finished watching the second series of Rome last night. This one followed on from the assassination of Julius Caesar to the civil war between Octavian and Mark Antony. I thought the programme might at least get Cleopatra’s suicide right. There were no asps copping a sneaky feel. Besides, you have to provoke snakes to get them to bite sufficiently for them to be lethal. Unless the snake in question is something seriously venomous, it’s probably going to lash out and run. [Have you done with the nerd moment? –ed.]

Did the money run out? Apart from Octavian provoking Mark Antony into going to war, the rest of the conflict was absent and the end seemed rather abrupt. We saw the aftermath of the Battle of Actium, and that was it. I assume the budget didn’t extend to a couple of CGI fleets lobbing Greek fire at each other; or Octavian ordering the signal “England expects every man to do his duty” to be raised; or Cleopatra saying, “Does my bum look big in this galley?”

I assume that this is the last series of Rome. It ended on the rather improbable note that Caesarion survived and was taken under Titus Pullo’s wing. After this, we’re getting into I, Claudius territory.


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