The best laid plans

No, the worst, really.

This afternoon went disastrously well. The plan was that the visiting American teachers would be teaching our classes for one period this week. I got to school this morning to be informed that the plan had changed. Who’d changed it? 蛇夫人. The issue had been confused by another change. Instead of solely teaching our classes, the Americans were going to teach some other classes as well, but that wasn’t made explicit on the revised plan. Consequently, we didn’t know what was happening, nor Class 6 who were, it turned out, meant to be seeing them the second period after lunch. The whole problem was sorted out in the end, but too many people were doing the planning.

Anyway, since I didn’t have to worry about the second class this afternoon, I went in search of the Leg and Whistle which is this new-ish pub on 科华街, a street which I’ve been down several times before, but didn’t know its name. The place is a little hard to spot from the street because the view is obscured by trees. It’s the street where there’s a hairdresser’s called Tony and Guo. I noticed that on the intersection with the Second Ring Road the establishment was called Tomy and Guy.

Quincy and I went to the pizza place last night. It’s name is “High Fly Pizza”, not “Night Fly” as I think I said previously. [09.09.14. True. I spotted the mistake a few days ago as I was editing old entries.] Night Fly is the name of the dimmest and most immature pupil in my half of Class 6, and I was clearly getting the name of the establishment confused with his ridiculous English name.

We’ve also seen some sunshine this afternoon, another excuse for me to go on a brief adventure around the town.

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