Something’s missing

The fireworks.

Everywhere I’ve been in China, fireworks have been an audible feature. Usually, they’re banned under local by-laws, but that doesn’t seem to stop anyone. But Chengdu is noticeably different. Even on the National Day I can’t recall hearing the usual fusillades of fireworks that I’ve heard and seen everywhere else.

Perhaps because of the military presence in Chengdu, when the council said “No fireworks”, they really meant it.

What brought this to mind was seeing a funeral dinner nearby. I haven’t seen or heard a single one, although there are a couple of wreath shops locally. That was the other feature where I was in Fuzhou: the dirge that sounded like a flatulent cow being flogged with a carpet beater. Haven’t heard it here at all.

[20.08.14. I can only recall one funeral in Chengdu which included music, but I think that was Buddhist chanting. Like Benniu, Wuxi is fireworks and dirges.]


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