Mobile snaps

A few pictures from Hong Kong.

I don’t tend to go to Hong Kong these days with the intention of taking lots of pictures because I already have plenty. Nonetheless, I did take one or two while I was there on my mobile.


This is round behind the building where Alison lives. It’s primarily the haunt of a bunch of stray cats which get fed once or twice a day by some elderly woman. Unlike stray cats on the Mainland, these look thin, but in good condition. There are also one or two which, I suspect, aren’t stray, but like a free lunch. In spite of the sign which says “No dumping of refuse or junk in a public place. Offenders will be prosecuted”, there is, as you can see, refuse.

06-10-07_1339 06-10-07_1340 06-10-07_1341

Half way across Victoria Harbour, I kicked myself for not taking my camera when I went to see my friend Brigid who now lives in Diamond Hill. Just near her building is this park. Fortunately, I had my mobile with me, but the next time I’m out that way, I must take my camera. The goldfish in the pond are massive. In fact, I think they’re the biggest I’ve ever seen. The park is beautifully laid out, but the paths through it tend to be blocked off at certain points so that you can’t just amble around where you like.

We had intended to go to the nearby nunnery, but we got on the MTR instead (only then realising that our plans had gone awry) and made our way to Elements, which is the new shopping mall perch on top of Kowloon MTR Station. I’d seen advertisements for it as I headed into Hong Kong from the airport. We tried the loos, which are allegedly five star, but there seemed to be nothing special about them.

Overall, there was really nothing special about the place. It was just another Hong Kong mall (95% clothing shops for women; 4% other shops specifically aimed at women shoppers; 1% shops where men might go without feeling extremely uncomfortable). We did go into the 360° supermarket, but it was packed with people and clogged by others who insisted on pushing their children around in plastic car shopping trolleys for which there was really no room.


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